Unfit and undone. The emotional toil of trying to have a family when you're genetically denied. The worsening of your health, the brave face when actually you're really sad all the time. The moments when everything on TV, and the estate where you live seeming to be about having kids. My last four years have been very difficult.

I am very open about it and always happy to talk through it. It helps. The thing is people still do not know how to support and understand people with infertility, both male and female. It's why raising awareness for it is so important. Here is a nice overview of how you can understand it a bit better for someone you know, who has infertiltiy.

It's why I am doing the just shy of a 100 miles West Highland Way for Fertility Network UK. Although with all the wrong turns from bad navigation, I'm sure it will be well over 100.

Taking on personal challenges - like a new fitness goal, a creative project, or learning a new skill - can also provide a healthy outlet for your emotions. These activities not only help you cope but also build confidence and create opportunities for connection. Speaking out and challenging yourself can transform a difficult journey into one of growth and empowerment. For me, having the challenge gave me the comforting feeling that I was doing something I could control and have a positive outcome with.

My Story

In 2021 I found out that I had male factor infertility, which was such a shock. I’ve always wanted kids, I’ve written kids books and kids shows and I’m a big kid at heart and now at 37 I more than ever want to become a dad. But I can’t like most of you (men) could. Me and my wife have been on an emotional journey finding the right donor and have had a rollercoaster of emotions with IVF. We still aren’t there yet but we are trying our best to be positive. For me, what’s helped is thinking about the actions I can take which I do have a choice over  and for me doing a physical challenge was my answer. I have been unfit for a while now so this is an opportunity to boost fitness and raise some awareness for something close to my heart.

The Challenge

The West Highland Way 96 mile 7 day hike