Into the Wild – The Magical Forest Adventure


Join Millie and her friends as they explore the wonders of the natural world and learn about how to take care of it. This rhyming tale ‘The Magical Forest Adventures’ takes you on a journey through different types of forests on a mission to help Oki the orangutan find his trees. It follows a diverse set of characters, each of whom are an endangered animal, as they use their specialist skills to work together to overcome a range of challenges. We have:• Millie, our inquisitive elephant with a taste for science. She lives with her Mum, Dad, sister Mollie and her Dad’s assistance dog Mutt in the savanna.• Raj, our Deaf Rhino who is the best builder of his generation and lives with his two Dads in the swampy rainforest. • Tia, a creative artist’e sea turtle who knows a thing or two about finding the creative solution to everything. She lives in a beautiful sandcastle with her Mum in the tropical beaches. • Oki, the orangutan healer who looks after the health and wellbeing of the group and lives in a treehouse with his Dad and brother Rimbo.• Ila, our super strong amputee tiger who lives with her adopted lion parents in the beautiful hidden caves of the forest.• Paolo, the parrot who explores every corner of the jungle and lives high up in the trees with his two Mums. Throughout their journey they discover how to work as a team and how to overcome failures, whilst also encouraging an interest in STEM related subjects. Kickstart a passion for science and the environment for your future little eco warriors as you delve into the wild.A great rhyming book for parents to read aloud to young children or as a self read book for older ages. We recommend suitable for ages 3-8.**Just to add a bit of fun into the reading experience we have included ‘spot the characters’, wildlife facts, mazes and topic related word searches



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Into the wild book Maze Pages

Into the wild is a new series for kids 4-7 aimed at promoting wildlife, nature and STEM subjects. To entertain and to educate is the mantra of both authors Paul Wingfield and Maddie Cava-Beale.

‘”We felt there was a lack of reading on important current affairs globally aimed at young children. We also felt there was not a good representation of diverse characters in physicality and character profiles. So we created Into the Wild.”

Word searches, Mazes and spot the character games.

Into the Wild facts pages

As well as a rhyming story on eco topics, we have included some fun elements. Hidden characters within the pages. Fun facts about certain endangered animals and facts related to the topics theme, as well as word searches and mazes. Kids will love the bright vivid colours and detailed environments and for younger audiences the rhyming language will be music to there ears. Let us know what they think…


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